The Tannery

can you buy Lyrica in mexico DonamariaSince it was founded in 1790, the Garat Tannery has developed, over more than two centuries, a rare know-how in the field of vegetable tanning, a natural tanning technique based on plant extracts (chestnut and mimosa tannin). Our firm has always practised traditional pit tanning which lasts, depending on the desired quality, as long as twelve months.

This tanning process ensures preservation of the quality of the leather, (soaking in baths, gradual concentration of tannins, natural air drying and greasing with natural oils).

Panneau peauxNowadays, these time-honoured tanning techniques have been preserved and improved by the maintenance of a constant temperature in the tanning baths (regardless of the time of year).Tannerie

Thanks to their two centuries of experience as tanners, the Garat Tannery can offer a broad range of products and a wealth of experience which is highly valued within the profession.