Vegetable Tanned Leather

Tree CuvesThe presence nearby of large forests made it natural for the Garat Tannery to specialize in producing vegetable tanned leather. Tanning, which in the past used locally harvested oak bark, has gradually adopted chestnut-bark extracts for pit tanning.

Jizan This type of tannin is best suited for sole leather and for high-quality vegetable-tanned products.

PeauxThere is no question of rapid 48-hour tanning; we use slow tanning (lasting from 4 to 6 months for sole bends) in which the hide fibres are gradually filled.

To satisfy the most demanding clients, we reserve special treatment for butts, which are tanned for twelve months (extra-slow tanning).

MétierOur determination to preserve traditional methods allows us to satisfy the requirements of a profession (boot making) and to develop the highly specialized products it needs (insole for Goodyear or reverse welt).

This partnership with boot makers allows us constantly to develop our know-how.