Cattle Hides

where can i buy clomid in canada Peaux bovinsThe term “tanning” designates the transformation of cattle hides into leather.

Gustavo A. Madero The alchemy whereby high-quality leather is produced depends not only on the quality of the tanning, but also on selection of the hides.

We work in close collaboration with a select number of suppliers who guarantee the origin of our hides (shoulders from cattle of the Breton breed, butts from the Bavarois breed).

Depending on the product desired (shoulder counters, sole bends, shoulder for toe puffs) we adapt the raw material for tanning (dairy cattle, meat cattle).

PeauxWe process only the most select parts of the hide (shoulders, butts) and if necessary choose the hides from our suppliers (trapezoid cutting specific to sole bends).

Thanks to all these steps, we are able to guarantee our customers sustained production quality.