Leather goods

Bandipura Ballon ceintureFor luxury leather goods and saddlery, our tannery combines the qualities of slow vegetable tanning (dense fibres, smooth hides) with the trade’s specific requirements (supple materials thanks to generously fatted hides).

real With more than two centuries experience as saddlers, we have brought our ancestral techniques up to date. Our leathers are the fruit of these techniques.

Our products are deep fatted with natural fats (moellon, tallow, cod oil…) and have a wide range of uses (belts, hand bags, lining, wallets and horse saddles…).


Product details:

  • Shoulders, 1.2 mm to 3.5 mm thick

  • 3 types of Natural leather (5.5 %, 8.5 % and quarter fatted)

  • Colour : matt brown, chestnut and black, smooth russet brown, black and red; other grains are possible, impala, pig and ostrich