Leather Engineering

buy modafinil south africa By leather engineering we mean our ability to offer our customers potential new directions for our product development (by preserving the quality of our tannery’s products while expanding the range of finishes) and to find new areas of use for vegetable tanning.

buy Lurasidone The various directions in which our respective crafts have evolved have made it possible for us to expand our range of skills to fill very specific markets.

Leather for special items of equipment:

  • Belt leather

  • Pressed leather (gaskets, caps), bicycle saddles

  • Acoustic insulating leather (bell clappers)

Leather for farriery

  • Leather mounts for horseshoes, dimensions 14 x 14 cm, 16 x 16 cm and 18 x18 cm

Decorative leather

  • Leather tiles for wall covering (under development)

Our distinction as a “LIVING HERITAGE ENTERPRISE” will enable us further to develop our commitment to innovation, thanks to the technical support from which we shall benefit.